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April 2010

Episode Two: Chaz Sands Invitational 09

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Episode Two:

Join the discussion as the pro’s talk about the change in venue from Unit 23 skatepark in Scotland, to Rampworx in England to accomidate a WRS event. Chaz walks you through the changes the guys at Rampworx made to the park, and how he thinks the competition will play out. The pro’s and VIP’s all arrive for the event and head back stage to chill out. Everyone discusses their expectations for the competition and tricks they might try whilst competing.

Look out for ‘Episode Three’, being released Friday 16th April 2010! Read More

TCU Exclusive: DUB Rampworx Jam 2010

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Harry Main at the DUB Jam

The guys over at Seventies have just released a video from last months DUB Jam, check it here!

Here’s an exclusive joint Seventies hooked up from the recent Dub jam at the Rampworx park. Featuring Niki Croft, Scott Ditchburn, Dan Lacey, Millsy, Mike Taylor, Bruno Hoffman, Harry Main, Paul Ryan, and many more, filmed by Charlie Jobling. Really into this, make sure you watch at least to see Mike Taylor’s hammer at the end!

How Decks are Made

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So how does a tree end up under your feet as your new thrash axe???

Local superstar Geoff Rowley is about to show you. Considering it is just a ‘plank’ an awful lot of work goes into each board.

Also on this section is quite possibly the gnarliest pentagram ever built. Read More

Episode One: Chaz Sands Invitational 09

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A personal look how some of the worlds best professionals feel about life on wheels, how they got into rolling, and how it has affected their lives. Get a look at the professionals and amateurs rolling as they warm up for the competition. Kato and the guys discuss the importance of competitions to the rolling industry and how the WRS (World Rolling Series) works to bring them all together and unite the industry. Also, get an inside view of how the international Pro’s view the UK rolling scene and an exclusive look into a warmup session that went down a couple of weeks before the event, involving some of the UK’s finest riders.

Look out for ‘Episode Two’, being released Friday 16th April 2010! Read More