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June 2012

Vote for Jenna Downing Nickelodeon Award

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Jenna Downing is the reigning Female Inline Skating World Champion, with both X Games and LG World Championship medlas under her belt. Jenna is also working as a Sports Mentor with the aim to inspire young people to find and fulfil their potential in sport or in life. Jenna uses her experiences and skills to help young people to participate, stay in and excel in sport, as well as helping disadvantaged young people to find and believe in their own talents. As a national and international coach, Jenna also established the first ‘girls only’ Inline Skating Academy in an attempt to get young, disadvantaged girls off the streets and into sport.

Jenna has been nominated for the most inspirational young person award who has not only achieved so much with their own talent and determination, but also inspires others to work hard and play hard! You can vote for Jenna by following this link.

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Razors Alex Burston’s SL Test by Mathias Silhan

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French Pro skater Mathias Silhan just released this sick little edit of himself testing out the new Alex Burston SL Pro Skate.

Manchesters very own born and bread superstar ‘Alex Burston‘ has recieved his first ever Pro Skate from Razors. Burston has been killing it recentley with a insane DVD section in the Ground Control video, taking 2nd place in the Asian Xgames and winning the Laced Series at Rampworx.

The SL (superlight) boot-mould is a true to shoe size skate. So if you have a size 9 shoe, a size 9 skate will fit you nice and snug. The shell is cut out at the bottom, lowering your centre of gravity and reducing the overall weight of the skate. Packed full of new features the Burston SL Pro Skate has the brand NEW Burston Jug High Top Liner for improved ankle support, this is backed up even more with a new improved SL cuff. One of our favourite features on this skate is the backslide plate, which is perfect to grind on straight out the box, no wobble and smooth as butter! not to mention that nice “thud” sound you get when landing a trick made possible by new state of the art ‘Razors Skates’ technology. You can buy the Burstons from our online shop and get a FREE Backpack and 4 FREE sessions.

Razors Alex Burston Pro Skate

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Alpha Omega Europe Tour Pt.1

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Alpha Omega is a new Stunt Scooter company out of California. There team consist of some of the biggest names in the industry including Zig Short & Cory Vanlew who recently took a 2 week long tour across Europe to promote their ground breaking decks.

Standard stunt scooter decks typically have a metal base in a variation of shapes and sizes, this makes grinding on ledges and rails extremely hard. Alpha Omega have invented a new patented technology that introduces a grind plate on the bottom of the scooter! This plate will allow you to take your trick vocabulary to a whole new level when grinding.

The AO Sigma decks will be out in a few weeks and the complete scooter at the end of July. Be the first to help unlock the full potential of scootering and bring it on a new level.

Alpha Omega Scooter Deck

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Anthony Watkinson back at Rampworx

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Anthony Watkinson is born and bread Liverpool BMX Pro, he has been riding at our skatepark for as long as we can remember. His skills and talent have not gone unnoticed in the industry and he has racked up several big sponsors along the way, such as DK Bikes.

Watkinson has been traveling around America for the past 8 months working closely with some of his sponsors, building ramps and filming clips, but now he is back home! Tony started filming a few clips at the skatepark over the last few sessions, and it turned into the above edit, filled with Watkinson’s trademark tricks and style.

Tonys has also just won the Ride to Glory competition with one of his other sponsors Stay Strong. Stay Strong products all go towards the great course of supporting Stephen Murrray after his riding accident. You can Stay Strong products from Rampworx’s online shop here.

You can join Anthonys Fan Page on Facebook here.

Filmed on a Canon 600d, 50mm 1.8, Samyang 8mm by by Dylan Coltman.

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Rampworx Spotlight: Jack Bassett

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Jack Bassett is one of the Bladers that has been coming to Rampworx since he was a little kid. Since he has just turned 18, we invited young Jack to come down to the skatepark for a closed door session to film a few clips for you guys, and he didn’t disappoint. Bassett shows us some of his crazy lines and tricks that he has been perfecting over the past few weeks in the UK’s largest indoor skatepark.

Jack is skating the Razor G9 Aggressive Skates which you can purchase from Rampworx’s online shop here. If you are interested in learning to skate we offer many different types of coaching classes for beginners and intermediate riders, you can find more information about this on our Coaching Page. There are lots of websites that have daily updates and videos about blading, such as Blading.info and Be-Mag.

Filmed and edited by: Ben Beckett
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