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Video: Indy Clayson at Rampworx Skatepark

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Indy Clayson has been coming to Rampworx Skatepark for the last few years killing it on his scooter. He is an all round rider who has been making a name for himself on the completion circuit winning the scoot gb event. So we invited him down to the skatepark for some closed door sessions so he could get some clips and he did not disappoint.


Be sure to remember the name as this guy is going places! You can find out more about Indys Scooter in this video review here.


Video: DUB BMX x Rampworx Street Plaza

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The guys at DUB BMX came in to session our NEW Street Plaza in the skatepark. We have recently overhauled our existing Street Plaza with the help form the guys at Vans Rebel Jam and it’s gone down treat! We have added a bunch of new obstacles in there including a huge curved wall ride, concrete down ledge, triple hand rail and a bunch of other cool stuff. So naturally the guys at DUB, who have some of the best street riders on the planet riding for them wanted to come in a test this beast out.


Sit back and watch Benny L and the crew kill the new obstacles.

BONUS: You can grab Benny L’s signature frame from FIT Bike Co for just £290 by clicking the post below.


Video: Tom Jowett Rampworx Closed Session

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At Rampworx we are all about giving the up and coming rider a chance to showcase there stuff, Tom Jowett is one of those riders. Tom has been tipped by industry insiders to be one of the next big riders in the blading industry so it was only right that we invited him down for a private session in our skatepark. Tom will be competing at Laced on the 28/2/15 at Rampworx Skatepark. For more details check out http://lacedcomp.com

Pro rider Steve Swain was on hand to capture the footage.

Video: Benny L & Paul Ryan Plaza Session

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Benny L and Paul Ryan are two BMX pro riders from Liverpool, who just so happen to be two of the best street riders on the planet. We are lucky enough to have these guys as locals.

Paul Ryan Rampworx Wallride BMX

They came in a few weeks back and asked if we could add in some new additions to our existing street plaza, so we built them.


Add in another local talent Matty Lambert and you have the perfect recipe for a sick edit. Sit back and watch Benny and Paul kill their new obstacles.

Video: Call the Shots #3 Gary Spencer ft. Sam Nolan & Danny

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Gary Spencer is not only one of our favourite BMX riders, he is also becoming widely known in the U.K scene as one of the top up and coming riders.

Gary is full of tricks and full of laughs; there isn’t a session where he won’t make everyone laugh. After recently being picked up by MGP Action Sports he has more energy than ever and won’t stop progressing.


“Progression to me is getting up of a morning and thinking about what tricks will become A reality today. Progression is what makes me keep trying no matter how bad the crash(es). Progression keeps me thinking. Progression to me is what makes me want more. Progressing should be called “Funning” because to me… That makes more sense.” – Gary Spencer.

This is just a small taste of what Gary is capable of. Keep an eye out for his full edit – coming soon.

Filmed and edited by Keith Melia.

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