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Coaching & Under 16’s Session on Wednesday

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Under 16 Coaching Session

The Rampworx Coaching Academy takes place on the following days.

Inline Skate Coaching / Tuesday – 5pm till 7pm.
Scooter & BMX Coaching / Wednesday – 5pm till 7pm.

Funded by Sport England, the academy is designed to offer a safe structured environment to allow children and young people the opportunity to learn how to ride a Scooter, BMX, Skateboard and Inline skates all under the guidance of our qualified coaching staff.

The session costs just £7 per person and all equipment; including safety gear is provided.


In addition, Rampworx also aims to develop young peoples abilities away from the skatepark by introducing them to experiences that will shape their development into young adults and give them life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Please note: The Wednesday evening coaching sessions will take place in term time only. During Sefton half term, the sessions will change to Wednesdays between 10 and 12PM. 

For more information please call 0151 530 1500 after 4PM (Tuesday – Friday), or email info@rampworx.com.

Video: Dialed 2015, Pro Scooter Event

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We hosted the Dialed contest for the second year. This years contest was backed by the ISA to help give riders a chance to qualify for the European Championships later this year. The contest saw riders travel from all over the country and even as far as America to battle it out for the number one spot. The contest consisted of a Pro & Am contest as well as a street jam in Rampworx’s newly redeveloped street plaza.

MADD Gears Archie Cole walked away with the number one place in the pro contest whilst AO’s Brad Ackerman picked up the Best Trick in the Street Battle.

Dialed Scooter Comp 2015 Results

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Here are the results from last weekends Dialed contest!


1   Archie Cole 90.00 87.33 90.00
2   Jordan Clark 79.67 75.67 79.67
3   Ollie Murphy 79.33 75.67 79.33
4   Soly Bloomfield 78.00 78.67 78.67
5   Darren Simpson 78.33 74.33 78.33
6   Dante Hutchinson 76.00 72.67 76.00
7   Lewis Williams 76.00 72.00 76.00
8   Reece Prince 75.33 71.33 75.33
9   Nathan Churchill 72.33 73.67 73.67
10   Jamie Hull 70.33 73.67 73.67
11   Mason Leonardi 70.00 71.67 71.67
12   Luke Churchill 69.67 68.67 69.67
13   Stan Ash 69.33 65.00 69.33
14   Daan Melis 67.00 69.00 69.00
15   Devon Low 68.33 68.67 68.67
16   George Peters 45.33 67.00 67.00
17   Jake Taylor 63.33 66.67 66.67
18   Jamie addison 51.67 66.33 66.33
19   Jay simpson 65.67 59.67 65.67
20   Martin Nogol 64.67 61.67 64.67
21   Curtis Morris 64.00 60.67 64.00
22   harry o’donoghue 64.00 0.00 64.00
23   Liam Griffiths 63.67 60.00 63.67
24   Felix Percy 63.00 63.33 63.33
25   Brandon mcgleish 61.67 58.00 61.67
26   Dexter williams 57.67 57.67 57.67
26   Charlotte Worthington 40.00 55.67 55.67
28  Billy Kendal 51.67 46.67 51.67
29   Leon coleman 50.00 47.67 50.00
30   Eddy Kohl 34.33 35.00 35.00
31   Blake Nash 20.00 33.33 33.33
32   Fin Daley 21.67 20.00 21.67


* As Archie Cole / Ollie Murphy / Darren Simpson / Lewis Williams / Daan Melis & Jamie Hull have already qualified for the European championship in Poland, their qualifying places are cascade down to the next riders in line.
* As Archie Cole already has a direct place in the World Championship, Jordan Clark will be awarded a direct place into the World Championship.
* If a rider draws on points, the riders second run counts to see which of the riders should place higher. The results above are the correct ranking.





Jay Simpson


Brandon Mcleish


Leon Coleman


Dexter Williams


Jamie Addison


Lewis Dunn


Leo Spencer


Harry Baines


Olly Anderson


James Vasey


Jack Stockwell


Ollie Stephenson


George Petts


Jayden Sharman


Morgan Peake


Ben Bartley


Daniel Sharpe


Jacob Dean


Jack Williams


Tyler Lawson


Liam Nythe


Charley Dyson


George Cooper


Indy Clayson


Devon Westerman


Alex Trim


Roy Savage


Paddy Fox


Dean Hewitt


Kian Nythe


Brad Davies


Ellis Rawsthorne


Michael Sullivan


Barnaby Fairley


Lyle Crear


Tyler Kercher


Alfie Mann


James Duffey


Alex Roberts


Degsy Owens


Elliott Baker


Harry Pope


Louis Wright


Callus Edge


Jack Kesselrind


Ricky Langlands


Jess Spilsbury


Theo Konstantinou


Harvey Horton-Davies


George Anderson


James Potts


Bradley Connors

Video: Laced 2015 at Rampworx Skatepark

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Laced was back for another year at the UK’s biggest skatepark, Rampworx! Some of the best riders on the planet from 19 different countries flew in to compete for the number one spot. With hundreds of riders under one roof the level of skating was just insane, everywhere you looked next level tricks where going down.

The much deserved #1 spot was taken by UK Pro Steve Swain. Who produced an insane performance throughout his runs.

One things for sure, you don’t want to miss next year!

1. Steve Swain
2. Antony Pottier
3. Baudoin Yuma
4. Roman Abrate
5. Jan Ebbert
6. Rob Pruett
7. Jack Swindles
8. Alex Burston
9. Scott Quinn
10. Elliott Stevens

1. Stéphanie Richer
2. Lisa-Mary AUTHIE
3. Manon Derrien
4. Ursa Verbic
5. Jacky Schrooten
6. Lauren Christina

1. Nathan Robinson
2. Evert Lubja
3. Randy Zoller
4. Matt Woods
5. Anrhony Chrisman
6. Matty Vella
7. Bob Scheer
8. Dan Collins
9. Tom Jowett
10. Dan Hemsley

Antony Pottier

Huge thanks to the sponsors that believe in the event!

For more information about the Laced contest: http://lacedcomp.com

Find more information about Rampworx Skatepark here: http://rampworx.com

You can buy everything you need to hit up your local skatepark here: http://rampworxshop.com

Video: Indy Clayson at Rampworx Skatepark

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Indy Clayson has been coming to Rampworx Skatepark for the last few years killing it on his scooter. He is an all round rider who has been making a name for himself on the completion circuit winning the scoot gb event. So we invited him down to the skatepark for some closed door sessions so he could get some clips and he did not disappoint.


Be sure to remember the name as this guy is going places! You can find out more about Indys Scooter in this video review here.


Buyers Guide: Top 5 Reasons you need an MGP MFX Deck

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MGP MFX Deck Chrome

The NEW Limited Edition MFX Deck‘s from MGP have just landed in the Rampworx Shop so we thought we would give you our two cents on why these decks are on everyones wish list.

Ryan Williams MFX Deck

1. The MFX Deck has been tested by one of the best rider on the planet for over two years before production.

Now, there is not a much better seal of approval than having Ryan Williams throwing one of these MFX decks over a mega ramp day in day out on a world tour with Nitro Circus. If it can handle the demands of R Willys insane level of riding and 100 ft disaster gaps on a daily basis then you can be sure it can take whatever you can throw at it at your local spot and then some.

MFX Deck Chrome

2. It’s the prefect width for street or park riding.

The MFX Deck ticks all the boxes in this area, no matter if your a street head and only hit up ledges and rails or if you prefer to bust out a flair at your local skatepark the MFX is built for it all. The super wide flat bottom available in two sizes 4.5″ and 4.8″ and comes in 21″ long which makes it perfect for locking into boardslides and lipslides. It also comes with boxed edges making those fingerwhips and grinds easier than ever before. The wide deck also ensures your feet have maximum room when grinding  and with a nice subtle 3mm concave throughout the deck for extra grip and comfort. This is also a huge plus when you come to landing air tricks as your landing area just got that little bit bigger.

MFX Deck Bottom

3. It’s super light and strong!

The tricky part when it comes to making a deck is finding the perfect balance between strength and weight. Too light and it bends and cracks and too heavy and it’s not rideable. With MGPs extrusion technology they have managed to get the MFX Deck weight to just 1.8Kgs! The MFX deck has shaved off all that extra weight found in traditional older decks but without compromising on the strength and reliability that MGP has become famous for. All the stress points in the deck have been reinforced to give you a guaranteed solid ride and it even comes with a new Scalloped 3D Forged 84 degree DownTube!

MFX Deck Chrome

4. It’s worth way more then £100!

Now some people think £100 for a deck is expensive, but for the amount of quality you are buying you can be sure it’s money well spent. The only reason the MADD scientist behind the MFX deck are able to make this deck so cheap is because of MGP’s extensive production and distribution network. If some other companies where to release a scooter deck with this much research, development and new technology (not to mention years of testing) It would cost twice the price! In our humble opinion this deck is worth closer to the £160-£200 mark. The MFX is great value for money at just £100!


5. It’s super Limited Edition!

Let’s face it. You don’t want to be riding the same scooter as every other guy in the skatepark. The MFX deck is super limited edition, so make sure you grab one before they are all gone!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your MFX deck here and hit up the skatepark.

Bonus reason

You get 2 free sessions to Rampworx Skatepark worth £15 when you buy a MFX Deck here!

Rampworx Review: AO Stealth Deck

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We thought we would give you guys a more detailed overview on the AO Stealth Deck, and who better to review it than our local rider Indy Clayson who is constantly shredding the park on his own AO Stealth Deck.


At Rampworx Skatepark we are always trying to bring you the best and most popular products on the market. This is our first of many product reviews. We will also make these videos to inform you guys of what products are coming out and whats already been released and talk you through all of their specifications. This is our way of trying to help you guys find the perfect product to let you session all day.

Sit back and relax as we let Indy tell you how good this Stealth deck from AO Scooters really is! Don’t forget you can grab one from our online store here.

Video: Sam Kefford AO & Ripped Knees 2014

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Local Scooter rider Sam Kefford had a really bad slam in the skatepark a few months back, which resulted in him having several brain scans. For most riders this would stop them from ever entering a skatepark again, but not Sam. A recent addition to the AO Scooters & Ripped Knees team he wanted to get out his welcome edit, against the doctors orders. Make sure you keep an eye out for this guy the next time your in the skatepark, he is a beast!

Video: MADD Gear Summer Maddness

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After a crazy time at the ISA world finals and ScootFest at Rampworx the week before the MGP Team hit the road.

Archie Cole MGP Rampworx Double Flair

Watch Ryan Williams, Archie Cole, Gus Rymer, Jeremy Malott, Jamie Hull, Jared Colwell and Richard Zelinka travel to some of the best skateparks in the UK, including Rampworx. The MGP stacked up some seriously sick clips along the way. What Ryan Williams does on our wave ramp is just complete MADDNESS!

Sit back and enjoy some crazy riding from the guys!

Filmed/Edited by the one and only – Ricky Johnson.

You can buy MGP Scooters from the Rampworx Shop.

Artist – AutoLaser
Track – IKNOW

The song is free to download at – HERE!

Follow AutoLaser –


Video: Dialed Scooter Comp 2014

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Dialed took place at Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool on May 10th and featured some of the best stunt scooter riders on the planet battling it out for the #1 spot in the UK’s biggest skatepark!

We had some of the biggest names in the sport turn up to compete at the event from 2 time world champion and Lucky Pro rider Dakota Schuetz to UK heavyweights Lewis Williams (Crisp Pro) and  Ryan McNamara (Grit Pro).

The contest was split into 3 different contests. The first event was the AM contest which allowed the top 10 riders to progress through into the pro comp, this is where the next big riders can be found. Next we progressed onto the Street Plaza contest which was ran in a best trick format with the winner taking home a cool £200! Finally we moved onto the main event, the Pro contest! The winner of this contest would walk away with £1000 cash and the title of the first Dialed Comp Champion.

Dialed Sponsorship Page 1

This event was only made possible through the amazing support from our sponsors Crisp Scooters, Grit Scooters, Lucky Scooters, Ripped Knees Scooter Shop, Chilli Pro Scooters, Zinc Scooters, AO Scooters, Elyts Shoes, 841 Wheels, Rapture Hardware, Slamm Scooters, Scoot Mag and MGP Action Sports. Please support these brands and help them continue to support you the riders!

1. Dakota Schuetz / £1000
2. Ryan McNamara / £500
3. Lewis Williams / £200
4. Archie Cole
5. Mason Leonardi
6. Luke Churchill
7. Fin Daly
8. Martin Nogol
9. Hunter Schuetz
10. Dan Avery
11. Soly Bloomfield
12. Jamie Hull
13. Stan Ash
14. Sam Kefford
15. Ollie Murphy
16. Brad Ackerman
17. Louis Rumens
18. Chay Lane
19. Enzo Commeau
20. Jacques Honour
21. Darren Simpson
22. Jake Taylor
23. Callum Edge
24. Jack Keenan
25. Jay Simpson
26. Charlotte Worthington
27. Kyle Cropper
28. Moltar Schuzlakey
29. Charley Dyson
30. Jordan Davies-Radford
31. Jake Smith
32. Owen Mcnamara
33. Liam Griffiths
34. Jack Williams
35. Elliott Arnold
36. Paul Sahm
37. Liam Nythe
38. Tom Holt
39. Devon Low

Enzo Commeau

1. Fin Daly
2. Darren Simpson
3. Sam Kefford
4. Callum Edge
5. Jordan Davies-Radford
6. Jay Simpson
7. Liam Nythe
8. Louis Rumens
9. Owen Mcnamara
10. Jack Williams
11. Charley Dyson
12. Dexter Williams
13. Oli Spooner
14. Charlie Doyle
15. Alex Batista
16. Kian Nythe
17. Leo Grant
18. Alfie Mann
19. Mike Chinn
20. Roy Savage
21. Jacob Dean
22. Nathaniel Anderson
23. Ellis
24. Elliot Anderson
25. George Anderson